30 years ago we revolutionized the tobacco industry with the introduction of the first greenhouse growing system for tobacco. We have expanded to offer complete growing systems for medicinal, research, biotech, educational, retail and hydroponic  growers. 

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Ritz-Carlton Utilizes Cropbox Technology

December 30, 2015

    The Cropbox at the Ritz-Carlton allows Chef Fistrovich and his team to grow about 22,000 heads of lettuce along with other micro greens, cabbage and vegetables, making the sky the limit when it comes to vertical hydroponic growing. Tripp Williamson and his company Williamson Greenhouses, created this particular Cropbox and technology, helping clients like the Ritz maximize their production. “Hydroponics has been around for a long time but as far being able to build it in a box and maximize the production is a pretty unique thing,” said Williamson. The uniqueness of the technology, starts with the planting of the seed, placed in a sponge like cube and then grown with no dirt, as water runs down a canal... Continue Reading →

Spotlight on Agricola Farm's Cropbox's

October 15, 2015

     Agricola Farm in Dadeville, Alabama operates two Cropbox's for lettuce production. One grower is pictured with monty carlo romaine, red fire leaf lettuce, ford hook swiss chard, and giant red mustard. The lettuce successfully grew from seedling to full grow out in three weeks. Agricola is having great success growing and selling in local markets and restaurants. Learn more about our cropbox here: http://www.cropbox.co/ Continue Reading →