30 years ago we revolutionized the tobacco industry with the introduction of the first greenhouse growing system for tobacco. We have expanded to offer complete growing systems for medicinal, research, biotech, educational, retail and hydroponic  growers. 

Custom designed, complete greenhouse systems. We've got you covered. 

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Spotlight on the CropBox Designer: Ben Greene

March 25, 2015

      Ben Greene received his Master’s in Industrial Design at North Carolina State University. He was inspired to enter into the field because he wanted to use his creativity for practical proposes and positively affect the world around him.  His previous background as an artist and designer brings a unique point of view to create a solution to bring local food back into the center of our culture. Ben is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom where he served as a combat engineer. His latest design is a complete turnkey agricultural system, the Crop Box, hoping to become the world's most highest yielding agricultural systems. The CropBox’s origins date to 2008, where Greene developed the idea as part... Continue Reading →

Reinventing Farming With The CropBox

March 03, 2015

We were very excited when The News & Observer contacted us to do a piece on the CropBox! We want to pave the way for new farmers by providing them a cost effective system that lowers the barrier for entry for anyone who wants to join the farming community. Coon Rock Farm became our first customer to lease a CropBox, where it hopes to grow lettuce and other crops that it can use for its home delivery service, Bella Bean Organics, as well as its restaurant and its CSA. Take a look at the article by clicking here! Thank you to all of our customers for your support thus far, we couldn't do it without you! http://www.newsobserver.com/2015/02/28/4585803_nc-entrepreneurs-look-to-reinvent.html?rh=1   Continue Reading →