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Transplanting is the procedure of transferring fully grown seedlings or mature plants and replanting them in a stable location for the growing season. Because this process extends the flowering or fruit-bearing season of many plants, transplanting represent a critical part of agriculture.

Our most popular mechanical transplanter

The much-in-demand Lannen RT-20 roulette transplanter can be used to plant vegetable, tobacco and tree seedlings. This device features a unique spike-belt design to support plants in the ground. This gives the Lannen RT-20 versatility over all other planters.

Impartial studies have found the Lannen RT-20 to be superior in performance and planting quality. Devices can be set up from individual units according to the customer’s requirements. The planting capacity is 3,000–5,000 seedlings/hour/unit, depending on conditions.


The Lannen RT-20 is a semiautomatic carousel transplanter, made up of individual planting units and equipped with packing wheels. It was designed for planting containerized seedlings on well-prepared soils.


The RT-20 handles both big and small seedlings as well as dense or wide plantings.

Besides carrying the Lannen RT-20 roulette transplanter for our customers, we also stock a full line of replacement parts for this invaluable machine.