Hobby House

Add a hobby greenhouse to your backyard for year-round growing

hobby greenhouse

The cultivation of vegetables, herbs or flowers is not limited to commercial applications, of course. “Growing your own” continues to be a favorite pastime for millions of Americans with green thumbs.

With that in mind, Williamson Greenhouses has been providing greenhouses to hobbyists for many years. Our 10-by12-foot hobby house structure is built with the same quality as our commercial-oriented greenhouse structures, but features a compact design that can fit in and complement just about any backyard.

Food for thought

Advantages of having an indoor garden like a hobby greenhouse include being able to grow vegetables, such as lettuce, broccoli, peas and carrots earlier, as well as later, in the season. Additionally, vegetables like tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers can thrive all summer long in your greenhouse.


Do you want to add some flower power? Ornamental plants like geraniums, chrysanthemums and petunias can flourish in your greenhouse. During the summer, use your green thumb to grow some tropical plants, like orchids, cacti and even Venus flytraps.

Enjoy a multipurpose room


If you don’t have room for a hobby room inside your home, those days are over with an outdoor hobby house from Williamson Greenhouses. Dedicate a section of your new space to other favorite hobbies like sewing, scrapbooking, painting or creative writing. Your light, airy, relaxing and natural outdoor environment will make you feel inspired in a hurry,

By working with Williamson Greenhouses, finding the ideal hobby greenhouse can be a simple, quick and economical process.

As a one-stop shop for greenhouses and greenhouse supplies, we can provide all of the accessories that you need for your hobby house structure.

Give us a call and we will help you find products, resolve problems and help you with whatever else you need. You can depend on us to grow together!