Deliver optimum air flow and air exchange in your greenhouse

greenhouse fans and shutters

Obviously, providing fresh air to your plants is one of the most important functions of greenhouse ventilation equipment, including greenhouse circulation fans, exhaust fans and shutters.

The greenhouse fans and shutters stocked by Williamson Greenhouses provide for continuous use in indoor plant-growing environments. Our experts can size your greenhouse fans and shutters to ensure optimum air flow and exchange, which maximizes your plant production and yield.

Making your exhaust fans and shutters work as a team

Exhaust fans create a pressure difference and cause air to flow. With a greenhouse ventilation system, you want to provide enough airflow but at a low-pressure difference.

As you know, wind that blows into a fan’s discharge will reduce its capacity, and with it your greenhouse’s rate of ventilation. That’s why whenever possible you’ll want to locate low-speed fans on the end of the building where the wind does not blow in—in other words, on the leeward side.


Temperature, carbon dioxide and humidity control

By maintaining continuous air flow and exchange in your greenhouse, you’ll ensure proper temperatures as well as optimum carbon dioxide and humidity levels. These all ensure the production of healthy plants.


As the fan draws air out, the negative pressure created lets the shutter (or inlet) bring in fresh air on the opposite side of the greenhouse. This replacement fresh air will be warmed gradually as it moves through the greenhouse, but the air flow rate should be optimal enough to keep the temperature rise at an acceptable rate.

Exhaust fans, working in conjunction with the shutters, will also remove oxygen levels and bring carbon dioxide inside the greenhouse, decreasing humidity levels, too.

Greenhouse circulating fans provide a boost to the whole process, moving air through stagnant zones and increasing air velocity.

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