Heating & Ventilation Systems

Greenhouse heating and ventilation

One of the biggest concerns you’ll have with your greenhouse interior is avoiding any drastic changes in temperature.

Williamson Greenhouses is here to help with our expertise.

We install energy-efficient systems that will meet the needs of your agricultural business. We’re your one-stop shop for greenhouse heating, cooling and ventilation systems. We can set up a custom climate control system in a new greenhouse structure, or one that you are renovating.

Greenhouse heating

If you’re in search of a quality greenhouse heater, you’ve come to the right place. Williamson Greenhouses proudly partners with our trusted manufacturer, LB White, which has decades of heating experience and a full line of greenhouse heating solutions.


These include top-of-the-line Therma Gro heaters for delicate and fruit-bearing plants raised in a greenhouse. We have carried these heaters for decades.

Therma Grow greenhouse heaters are advanced, clean-burning, direct-fired models that offer 20% more fuel efficiency than traditional greenhouse heaters. Read more.


Fans and shutters

Obviously, providing fresh air to your plants is one of the most important functions of greenhouse ventilation equipment, including greenhouse circulation fans, exhaust fans and shutters.

The greenhouse fans and shutters stocked by Williamson Greenhouses provide for continuous use in indoor plant-growing environments. Our experts can size your greenhouse fans and shutters to ensure optimum air flow and exchange, which will maximize your plant production and yield. Read more.

Cool Pads

Evaporative cooling is a method that can be used to lower temperatures in your greenhouse. For many years, the standard way to do this has been through the fan and pad system.

As with our heating and ventilation systems, the Williamson Greenhouses team can match a cooling system for your greenhouse that lowers the temperature and helps maintain a better growing environment. Fan and pad systems need to be sized appropriately to achieve maximum cooling efficiency. Read more.

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