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Growing together since 1978

Williamson Greenhouses

Our business was built on dependable service and customer satisfaction. Today it is still run the same way. We carry only the highest quality products that you can depend on working properly when put in the field.

We have greenhouses from small hobby sizes to expansive commercial sizes. We can custom build a greenhouse to fit your every need no matter what size you require.

When you think of greenhouses or greenhouse supplies, think of Williamson Greenhouses first. You’ll save time and money by doing business with us.

We are your one-stop shopping place for anything greenhouse-related. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. Contact us today.

Our history


Burrell Jasper Williamson, Jr., known as “Burl” to his friends and family, was born in 1943. After the death of his father in 1964, Burl took over the family business, becoming the president of B.J. Williamson, Inc. While working for the gas company, Burl became interested in growing tobacco plants, and later began the process of growing and selling them to other farmers around the county. He would grow the plants in a greenhouse, then sell them to farmers who needed plants ready for the field, similar to the way hog farms operate. As this method became popular, many people became interested in this concept and decided to take part in this new way of farming, which led to the creation of Williamson Greenhouses.


Williamson Greenhouses began in 1978 as Burl embarked on the adventure of growing containerized tobacco plants in a greenhouse. Along with the assistance of North Carolina State University and many experiments, the company began to grow and mechanize the process that lead to a business that offers custom greenhouses as well as the planters, plastics, growing medium and machinery used for agriculture that is necessary to produce exceptional plants in Southeastern North Carolina.

Additionally, Williamson Greenhouses is a company that also educated farmers on how to be successful in the growing process. Burl would teach his farmers step-by-step instructions on how to care for the plants inside the greenhouse. Williamson Greenhouses also acted as a tobacco broker to the farmers who grew the tobacco plants, making it very simple for the plants to be sold to whoever needed them.

While proud of our history, we always look ahead. Williamson Greenhouses will continue to embrace new technology and products to better serve our customers. All of the people who work at Williamson Greenhouses will remain 100% committed to providing excellent service, and we will continue to do everything we can to keep your agricultural business growing.