A wide range of vacuum and drum greenhouse seeders to meet your needs

greenhouse seeders

We provide seeding equipment from the North Carolina–based Berry Seeder Company—the leading producer of affordable seeding equipment for small, midsize and large operations.

Berry Seeder Company is recognized worldwide as the #1 name in affordable seeding equipment for farmers, greenhouse operators and bedding plant, vegetable and tobacco growers.

Over the years, Berry Seeder Company has developed automated seeders geared for high-volume operations. For example, the company’s rotary drum seeder is still the standard for tobacco production in the U.S. as well as overseas.

These quality seeders, unsurpassed for value and ease of operation, can dramatically increase productivity for your farming business.

Precision seeder

Perfect for small to midsize operations, this is one of the fastest and most accurate seeders available. Seed everything from watermelon to raw petunias, as well as cell packs. There are no motors, solenoids, bearings or electrical components to break down or wear out. It’s so easy to operate…anyone can do it!



  • made of lightweight polycarbonate and machined aluminum
  • transparent seeder body allows for easy inspection of clogged holes and/or misses

  • seeds the entire plug tray at once, not one row at a time
  • no annoying holder required; trays are directly seeded
  • patented seed channel
  • corrosion resistant
  • seeds up to 250 trays per hour with unequaled accuracy

Value-line system

The Value-Line System offers unsurpassed speed and accuracy at an affordable price. Fast—500-plus trays per hour—easy and accurate. Recirculating seed channel and spring-loaded hinge system insures fatigue-free seeding. More features include:

  • greater than 99% accuracy
  • dibble press adapts to virtually any dibbler
  • top-quality made-in-USA drive motors and controllers
  • high-capacity soil hopper
  • produced with laser and robotic manufacturing equipment
  • solid adjustable-height one-piece frame construction

Rotary cavity seeder

Features include:

  • up to 500 trays per hour
  • better than 99% accuracy
  • completely automatic
  • simple set up and operation

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