Greenhouse Supplies

One-stop shopping with Williamson Greenhouses

greenhouse supplies

Do some one-stop shopping with Williamson Greenhouses for all of your hardware, materials, accessories and supply needs.

Our greenhouse experts will be glad to give you advice about products and techniques that will give your agricultural business a boost.

Hardware & materials

Buy your nuts, washers, nails, bolts, screws, rivets, hooks, staples and more in bulk in a variety of sizes and save on your purchase. We also have grommets, anchors, clamps, fittings, cable ties, batten strips and more to complete the job. Read more.

Plastics & shade cloths

With multiple options for greenhouse shade cloth or plastic, Williamson Greenhouses can provide your agricultural business with the solutions you need for effective greenhouse shading. For starters, we have a large selection of k50 6-mil. plastic for greenhouses in stock and ready for shipping or pick up. Read more.


Soil & trays

Williamson Greenhouses sells our own special blend of germination mix with a starter injection of fertilizer that will be released on your first water cycle. Our offerings include specialized tobacco and vegetable soil mixes as well. Read more.



We provide seeding equipment from the North Carolina-based Berry Seeder Company—the leading producer of affordable seeding equipment for small, midsize and large operations. Read more.

Clipping systems

Our clipping system helps provide stronger plant stems and uniform plants as you prepare your crops for transplanting in the field. This system is mounted on a boom structure for clipping the top portion of growing plants. Read more.


Williamson Greenhouses carries everything you need to water your plants, flowers, vegetables and other crops. We stock drip irrigation systems, along with of the necessary fittings, as well as overhead irrigation systems with different flow rates that will be certain to meet your needs. Read more.

Give us a call and we will help you find products, resolve problems and help you with whatever else you need. You can depend on us to grow together!